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A R T  R A F F L E S

Occasionally, my art pieces will be put up for raffle**; you can find current offerings here. They are all originals. For my Artist CV, please see the sub-tab linked to the "A B O U T" page. For notifications about upcoming raffles and events, please subscribe to the newsletter.

C U R R E N T  O F F E R

'SELFIE' by New York Nadia Art.jpg

'S E L F I E'

  • 16 " x 20 "

  • Acrylic and ink on canvas

  • 2021

R A F F L E  T I C K E T S  :  $ 1 0

  • Click HERE

  • Enter "Selfie Raffle" in memo

  • Winner will be announced on March 28, 2022 live on YouTube

  • Winner will be notified through email

** Shipping not included.
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