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Plays by New York Nadia (Nadia Asencio)


Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, theater has proven its power to educate, transform, reveal, and unite. Below are three plays I wrote, cast, and directed, produced by the late

Joseph Gehring for theater festivals throughout New York City.


Need help writing, casting, or directing your play?

Want to produce these short plays at a theater near you and need the script and licensing permission? Contact me HERE.

Cheesecake - Play written & directed by Nadia Asencio.jpg
Homage - Play written & directed by Nadia Asencio.jpg
Just Add Water - Play by Nadia Asencio.png


A going-away party goes awry as two best friends grapple with the advent of imminent loss, taking the wait staff with them. (Comedy)

Homage 9:27

A young couple, seemingly trapped in their apartment, receive strange visitors as they await a mysterious package.

(Absurdist Drama)

Just Add Water

Four old friends celebrate a successful theater run, but as the conversation and the alcohol flow, underlying resentments and past traumas are revealed.

(Comedic Drama)

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