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I grew & monetized 100K subs in a year.

You can, too.

I was once just like you. I had a great idea for a podcast, but I had no idea where to start. Also, it seemed like YouTube was already full of other content creators doing the same thing and I thought I'd get drowned out in an ocean of media. But I was more curious than I was put off so I didn't let that stop me; I got a friend to man the camera and off we went to conduct street interviews. That's how 'Miami TOX' was born:

Eventually, we got pretty good at it, but because we didn't know the first thing about marketing, SEO, algorithms, or how to nurture an organic following, we didn't grow or monetize. 

That was seven years ago. 

Cut to 2020. Amidst the craziness in the media, I decided post on TikTok and offer the public a different perspective, my perspective, the one I had acquired after years as a Military Intelligence Analyst, working in politics, and earning a degree in International Relations and Economics. My channel grew to over 200K followers in a month, right before TikTok got rid of my page. Not one to take 'no' for an answer, I rebranded and reposted all of the videos on YouTube.

I grew over 100K subscribers in a little over a year:

YouTube Podcasting
YouTube Podcasting

I know that there are a ton of coaches out there promising results, promising that they know how to help you go viral as a podcaster on YouTube, but I've actually done it. I've learned how through trial and error, research, and quickly adapting to new YouTube features. I learned how to decipher YouTube analytics, pay attention to which metrics matter, and use basic psychology to reach a bigger audience. 

You can do the same. And much more.

New York Nadia Podcasting Course

Podcasting is the quickest and most effective way of sharing and MONETIZING your message and expertise. Whether you're going solo or working with a co-host, interviewing guests, shooting 'on location,' or creating 'reaction' videos, podcasting has become the way that most people get their news and commentary. Why? Because trust in the main-stream media is at an all-time low.

Things are changing, fast.

You can get ahead of that change if you act.


Numbers don't lie; e-Learning is quickly replacing traditional education. The e-Learning market size was worth $210.1B in 2021 and is estimated to hit $848.12B by 2030. This isn't a 'trend,' but a massive paradigm shift on a global scale.


In 2019, 274.8M people were listening to podcasts; by April, 2023, that number had risen to 464.7M, and it's projected that 504.9M will be listening worldwide by 2024. Podcasting has become the most efficient road to reach an audience, earn its trust, promote your skill, and make great money doing it.

Just as e-Learning is replacing traditional education, podcasting is quickly replacing traditional media outlets. While other platforms are tanking, YouTube is growing in both its audience and authority.


The time to get in on this transformation is now


New York Nadia Podcasting Course

I. Podcasting lets you to take control of your time and make great money doing what you love to do.

II. Podcasting establishes you and your brand as a trusted source of information.

III. Podcasting builds a community and turns viewers and subscribers into customers and clients.


IV. Podcasting expands your connections with important industry leaders and validates your own authority.

V. Podcasts provide you with ready-made social media content that can be easily repurposed to other platforms.

VI. Podcasts are cheap to produce and free to post on YouTube. 

VII. Podcasts multiply your income streams through YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales (books, t-shirts, courses), paid sponsorships, and paid interviews.

VIII. Podcasts increase your own website traffic and expand your email list (vital for any business growth)

IX. YouTube has the largest audience of any platform, period. It's trusted by millions of people world-wide to gain valuable, free information and insight; no other platform compares. As long as YouTube maintains this business model, its upward trajectory - and its influence - will continue to grow. As a YouTube podcaster, so will yours.

9 Reasons to Podcast on YouTube NOW 

Why podcasting?

New York Nadia Podcasting Course - POD PROS INC.

Who is Pod Pros Inc. for?

1. Frustrated podcasters who aren't growing or monetizing.
2. Business owners who want to expand their revenue.
3. New podcasters excited about starting their career.
4. Anyone above who is serious about success.

Sound familiar? Then Pod Pros Inc. is for you.

How does Pod Pros Inc. work?

POD PROS INC Podcasting Course

Option I: Guided Mods

I. Eight multi-video modules that cover podcasting A-Z, including:

  • The Winning Mindset You Need to Succeed

  • Creating a Schedule that Boosts Productivity Without Overwhelm

  • Cracking the Code: Pinpointing and Understanding Your Target Audience

  • Mastering the Art of Branding: Pro Techniques for Building Your Identity

  • Crafting a Powerful Brand Message in Four Easy Steps

  • Analyzing the Metrics That Matter

  • Navigate YouTube Community Standards and Avoid Demonitisation

  • Tools of the Trade: Hardware and Software Must-Haves

  • The Power of Persuasion: How to Write Magnetic Copy

  • Guest List Gold: Identifying and Securing Top-Quality Guests (Email Templates included)

  • The Top Five Rules for Conducting Killer Interviews

  • Building a Four-Page WIX Website and Optimizing SEO for Google Ranking

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building and Leveraging Your Email List

  • Must-Have AI Tools for Podcasting Success

  • Strategies for Attracting Sponsors to Your Brand or Podcast

  • The Art of Monetization: Creating Revenue Streams through Merchandising

II. Lifetime access to updated videos

III. Lifetime access to Weekly One-Hour Group Zoom calls

IV. Members-only page for networking and continued support 

Option II: Dedicated 1:1

I. Everything in Option I, with three months of dedicated attention, custom-tailored to you and your brand: 

  • We'll build your 4-page WIX website together 

  • I'll teach you simple SEO strategies to keep your website ranking on Google 

  • I'll show you exactly how to build your email list, grow it, and leverage it

  • We'll pinpoint your Target Audience 

  • We'll analyze your branding, expand on what works, and ditch the rest

  • We'll clarify and craft your messaging to make sure it's always on-point with your brand

  • We'll identify the vital keywords for your brand and how to implement them in your content to make it viral

  • I'll help you analyze your metrics so that you know where to pivot and where to delve deeper

  • I'll help you navigate YouTube's Community Standards without compromising your content

  • We'll determine the most affordable and intuitive hardware and software you need without spending a ton of money on things you don't 

  • I'll help you craft copy that converts and teach you how to easily write copy yourself

  • We'll identify where to find the best guests for your podcast, how to contact them, and get that interview

  • I'll share my favorite AI platforms and show you how to use them to easily create explosive content

  • We'll create a list of the best sponsors for your podcast and how to get their support

  • I'll help you set up your Shopify store and link it to your YouTube channel where viewers can purchase easily

  • I'll also show you how to turn your expertise into a book and self-publish it on Amazon's KDP program

  • We'll create a posting schedule around your lifestyle

II. One-on-one private Zoom calls 2-3 per week for the first two months, then once a week for the third month

III. Lifetime access to updated videos

IV. Lifetime access to Weekly One-Hour Group Zoom calls

V. Members-only page for networking and continued support 



"But, can't I figure this out myself without PodPros Inc.?"

Absolutely. long will that take?
How will you know if what you're doing will even work...?
And who will guide you towards success when it doesn't...?

Pod Pros Inc. gives you:
1. Expertise
2. Support


You can succeed.
I'll show you how. 

Book your free call now:

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